Should I Become a Security Guard in Alberta?

 August 23, 2022    Alberta Security Hub Staff

Looking for a job in Alberta? Find out if being a security guard is the right fit for you.

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Gaining Skills & Insight

Both in the process of becoming a security guard as well as working as one, there are many useful skills, courses and insights you can gain which can be useful and be carried over to future career opportunities. Some of these include CPR, First Aid and WHMIS training. In addition to that, there are many tidbits and tips you might get from your co-workers which provide more insight on the security guard position and similar positions, as well as the process of working up the career ladder. You can learn more about some of these skills and additional courses here.


If you are a student interested in law enforcement and the security industry, becoming a security guard might be the right job for you. Some student friendly positions include ones that have observing & reporting or asset protection as a key part of the job. It can also be beneficial to include your experience as a security guard on your resume since it can greatly help with branching out into other career opportunities in the law enforcement and security industries.


There has been, and continues to be, high demand for security guards. Alot of it has to do with the pandemic and the increase in demand of security guards needed at health care centres, vaccination clinics, shelters etc. As businesses and other points of interest begin to reopen, there is a greater need for security guards to serve, protect and manage the increase in foot traffic.


With an average pay of $20.35 and a top pay of $37.38, becoming a security guard is an appealing option. Some of the most paid guards are typically assigned to malls, airports, transit stations & special events.

Think becoming a security guard is right for you? There are some crucial things to know about before you apply. Click Here to find out more.

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