How can I stand out to potential security guard employers in Alberta?

 July 1, 2022    Alberta Security Hub Staff

You might wonder what it takes to successfully become a security guard. To help increase your chances at acquiring a position, these tips and programs can be very beneficial in standing out to employers:

Person Standing Out From A Croud


Attention to detail and good physical health are just some of the skills and qualities that are crucial to being selected by employers. Kindness, patience, confidence as well as good verbal and written communication are important for this position, prior customer service experience will come in handy.


First Impressions:

Make sure to build strong first impressions and a healthy relationship with your fellow co-workers and boss. Act professionally and treat others with respect. Being honest and open to your employer can go a long way. Follow the rules, dress code and take punctuality seriously to be on time.


Learn more about the position and employer. Having prior knowledge of key aspects of the company and their values show's the employer that you have great interest in the career and company.

Interview Preperation:

Be prepared to share your relevant experiences and qualifications with your employer. Think of some key points that make you the right choice for the job. Make sure to ask your employer for clarification when you have a question. Having a mock interview can make the real intreview feel more fluent and it can make you feel less anxious. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Rather than soley stressing about your weaknesses, find ways to overcome those weaknesses while also thinking about your accomplishments and strengths.

Taking care of yourself:

Make sure to take time to relax before an interview as well as practice what you will say at the interview so you will not feel as anxious. Get a good night's rest the day before the interview and stay hydrated to handle the interview like a pro.

Courses & Programs

First Aid Training:

Knowing first aid not only helps with standing out to potential security guard employers, but it is also useful when applying for other positions and it can even save a life both on and off the job. Students currently enrolled in our course can enjoy a 10% discount on First Aid Training in Edmonton and Calgary at Big Hearts First Aid.

WHMIS Certification:

WHMIS or Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System training is required by some employers but is recommended for all applicants as it can aid in responding, identifying and reacting to a potential hazardous threat in a safe and efficient manner. As with first aid training, WHMIS training can also be a valuable asset when applying for other positions. Students enrolled in our course can click here to find out more about our recommended WHMIS training course.

Self Defense Programs:

Being in self defense or martial arts programs shows your employer that you physically have what it takes to become a security guard and it can help you feel more confident about yourself on the job.

Mental Health Awareness & De-Escalation:

Now more than ever, mental health awareness is becoming a bigger point of discussion. Taking Mental Health Awareness & De-Escalation training helps further prepare you for a broader range of scenarios in the field and can be a valuable addition to your resume. Students enrolled in our course get 10% off Mental Health Awareness & De-Escalation online training with

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