Three Things to Consider When Applying to Security Guard Jobs in Alberta

 October 23, 2020    Alberta Security Hub Staff

In Alberta, there are over 500 licensed businesses that offer security guard and/or private investigation services. Once you become licensed as a security guard how do you choose which security company to work for? Here are 3 factors to consider:

1) Company Culture and Reputation

A company that treats its guards poorly will result in guards being less dedicated to the company. This can cause the company to lose contracts, meaning less work available for the guards. With the number of security companies available, how the guards perform has a huge impact on whether they keep the contract. A company that invests in their guards through ongoing training, stability in work and other perks will result in increased loyalty. Look at how long the company has been around for and the clients they have to see how long they will stay in business.

2) Type of Sites

Some guards prefer interacting with others while others prefer to be left alone. Some companies focus on concierge and event security where guards will frequently interact with people. Other companies focus on alarm response where interaction is not as much.

3) Location of Sites

If you live in Calgary, for example, it would be ideal to have a site in Calgary close to home to avoid having to commute each day. A security agency licensed in Alberta can have worked anywhere in Alberta regardless of where they are based. Look at what area the company focuses on through their job postings. If you do not currently have your security guard license, you can start your online security guard training with Alberta Security Hub here. We can help you find the most suitable security company after you become licensed based on some of these factors we described.

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