How Much Do Security Guards Make in Alberta?

 December 30, 2022    Alberta Security Hub Staff

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So you are thinking about becoming a security guard, or maybe you already have a security licence. Regardless, wages are something you are bound to think about. Let us break it down:

Average and Median Wages

Guard Positions

Based on data from the Government of Alberta the overall average hourly wage in Alberta is $20.09. Meanwhile in both the Calgary and Edmonton region, the median hourly wage from the Government of Canada Job Bank for private security guards is $19.00.

Alarm Responder, Loss Prevention Worker & Bodyguard Positions

The median hourly wage from the Government of Canada Job Bank for alarm responders, loss prevention workers and Bodyguards is $19.00 with the low being $16.00 and the high being $26.50.

Signing Bonuses

When browsing job listings, you may notice that certain employers offer signing bonuses or hiring bonuses. These are one time bonuses granted once you complete your probation. Amounts vary depending on the position and employer, bonuses are typically between $500.00 and $1000.00.

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