What are the Requirements to Take the ABST Course and Become a Security Guard in Calgary?

 October 31, 2022    Alberta Security Hub Staff

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Completing the Course in a Canadian province/ territory outside Alberta

If you have completed security training in a Canadian province or territory outside of Alberta, simply contact Alberta Security Services who will assist you with becoming ready to work as a guard in Alberta. The security guard course completed in another Canadian province may exempt you from the ABST course requirement. You may be able to apply directly for the licence.

Completing the Course outside Canada

Unfortunately, the ABST course cannot be completed outside of Canada.

Applying for a Licence

Anyone applying for an Alberta security licence must: be over 18 years old, be eligible to work in Canada, be fluent in English, have no criminal record, have no outstanding criminal charges and not be the subject of a criminal investigation. Security service workers must meet a specific English fluency standard, this is a level 5 benchmark according to the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks.

Final Exam

To pass the final exam, you must obtain a mark of at least 80% to receive your certificate and be ready for licencing.

COVID-19 Requirements

Currently, there are no COVID requirements in Alberta to work as a security guard. You can stay up to date on the latest COVID requirements and restrictions concerning security guards on our COVID-19 Blog Post which is updated with the most up to date information:

Work Opportunities

Once you get your security licence, there are many security companies and positions you can apply to in Calgary. Some settings in which you may work include: health care centres, shopping malls, airports and office buildings. Some companies may require certain experiences and certifications while others may not, some examples of these requirements you may come across would be First Aid Training or having a Drivers Licence. You can also Click Here to learn more about working at two security companies at once.

Licence Renewal

In Alberta, your security licence must be renewed every 2 years. To renew it, you will first need to: get a Criminal Background Check, Fill Out The Forms, provide photocopies of valid Canadian photo ID, an approved training course certificate and 40-hour baton use-of-force training certificate (if applicable). You will also need to provide a passport-size colour photo. Then simply submit your application and pay the fees either in-person at a registry, or by mail. Your new licence will be mailed to the provided address in your application.

You can learn more about the ABST course by Clicking Here.

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