Do You Need a Drivers Licence to be a Security Guard in Alberta?

 September 30, 2022    Alberta Security Hub Staff

Do you need a drivers licence to become a security guard? Are there any benefits to working as a security guard with a drivers licence? Let's dive deeper into these questions.
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Is a Drivers Licence Required?

No, it is not required to become a security guard in Alberta.

Are there any Additional Opportunities with a Drivers Licence?

Yes, some employers may be more interested in selecting a candidate with a drivers licence over one who does not. Those without a drivers licence will likely be assigned a fixed post position compared to someone with a drivers licence who would can also get mobile positions patrolling in a vehicle. A guard with a drivers licence will either have to use their own vehicle or a vehicle provided by the employer. Having a mobile security position means you will get to respond to a variety of calls at multiple sites rather than guarding one site.

What are some of the Benefits of Being a Security Guard with a Drivers Licence?

Having a security guard position with a vehicle means less foot patrols, especially at larger sites such as the perimeter of airports. Having a drivers licence sooner rather than later may also open up more opportunities in your career such as a security supervisor positions. Additionally, you will be better protected from inclement weather using the vehicle as shelter. Construction sites and staging areas may have not have a building for guards to stay in.

Having a drivers licence can make you stand out to potential security guard employers, Click here to find out how you can further stand out to potential employers before you apply.

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