Is the Alberta Security License Exam Difficult?

 January 31, 2023    Alberta Security Hub Staff

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One of the final steps to getting a security licence in Alberta is writing the security licence exam. Since it is a crucial step, it is natural to wonder just how hard the exam really is.


Going off of our experience with the students who took Our Course, most students pass the exam on their first attempt. At times, students may need to re-take the exam to get the 80% required mark but most don't need more than 2 attempts to pass the exam. In the worst case scenario, rest assured that students can rewrite the exam as many times as necessary for up to two years from the commencement of their training course. At the end of the day, factors to consider are: knowledge of the course material, how stressed or relaxed they are and how well they can handle writing exams in general.


Preparation is key to passing the security exam. Here are some ways to feel prepared & confident as you go into the exam:

Alberta Security Hub's ABST Course is a Ministry accredited online course. It involves more than just reading pages and pages of information, the key to passing your exam. Additionally, the cost of one security licence exam attempt is included with the course cost!

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