How Much Time Does it Take to get my Security Licence in Alberta?

 July 31, 2023    Alberta Security Hub Staff

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We've broken down the process of getting a security licence into smaller steps to help you get a better sense of how long each step takes, and how long it should take you in total to get your licence in hand.

1. Completing the Course

The amount of time it takes to complete the ABST Course varies from person to person. The course can be completed within as little as a few days. If you have less time to spend on the course due to other commitments such as studying or working, it may take you a little longer - around a few weeks or so. Our course is self paced so you can take as long as you need. Unlike other training providers we do not set any time limits.

2. Taking the Exam

Completed the course? It's now time to book your Exam! This is a simple process if you take our course. You can simply choose the date and time that works best for you upon completion of the course. Exam slots are available throughout the week so you should be able to write within a matter of a few days. You can learn more about what to expect when taking the exam here

3. Application

Passed the exam? Congratulations! You should have already received your reporting sheet with your exam result via email. You can use that reporting sheet to apply for your licence in-person at a registry office, or you can email or mail in your application if you are on a work or study visa. Once your application is approved, a temporary licence will be emailed to you with a 60-day validity. You can learn more about the requirements, such as getting A Criminal Background Check by clicking here, as well as access to the application forms and info about the fees here The application process tends to take a few weeks.

4. Receiving Your Licence

Once your application is approved, your licence card is mailed to the address provided in the application, the amount of time this takes varies depending on the amount of time it takes to process and ship the card to you.

In total, it should take you just over one to two months to get through the process in its entirety and get your licence.

Enjoy your new licence! While searching for a career in the security industry, here are Three Things To Keep In Mind while searching for the right career for you.

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