Career Focus: What's it like to work in Loss Prevention in Alberta?

 March 31, 2023    Alberta Security Hub Staff

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In this second edition of our Career Focus series, we explore and learn more about working in Loss Prevention

As Loss Prevention, you have the responsibility of preventing theft and reducing losses, typically in a retail setting. You may be covert or undercover or highly visible such as a uniformed guard. This can be in the form of surveillance, deterrence of theft through active presence and in some cases, intervening to stop an act of theft. Staying on the lookout for theft is a key part of the job, whether it be on the floor in a retail store or through a CCTV system. Additionally, you'll need to inspect other aspects of a retail store such as testing fire exits and ensuring security tags are placed on merchandise.

While working in loss prevention, you will collaborate with police and other security employees. For example, when high value items get stolen or organized retail crime (ORC) occurs in the store. Working as a team with store managers and associates is key in identifying and stopping shoplifting. If you have good customer service and teamwork skills and can communicate and collaborate effectively with other employees and law enforcement, consider applying for a loss prevention position!

In terms of licensing and requirements, you can work in loss prevention in Alberta by taking the ABST course and having possession of an Alberta Security Licence. Upon receiving a job offer, you may need to provide a Criminal Background Check. Since you will be working in a public retail setting and will periodically be in the presence of customers, First Aid and CPR Training can give you the upper hand in being selected by an employer. Certain positions have First Aid and CPR certification as a mandatory requirement.

The median wage for loss prevention workers is $19.00/hour according to the Government Of Canada Job Bank, with a low of $16.00 and a high of $26.50 per hour. Additionally, there is room for growth with this position as there are other loss prevention positions that you could apply for, such as loss prevention manager.

To get a feel for what a day on the job looks like, check out these helpful videos:

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