Career Focus: What's it like to Be a Bodyguard in Alberta?

 May 31, 2023    Alberta Security Hub Staff

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In this fourth edition of our Career Focus series, we go over what a bodyguard does to help you decide whether it is a career path you are interested in.

One of the main objectives of a bodyguard is safeguarding a client from danger. You are responsible for ensuring safety of a client, be it a person or property, while paying attention to any threats in its surroundings. You will gain many skills from being a bodyguard such as a boost in confidence, knowledge on de-escalating a situation, communication skills, and agility. Many of these are also transferable skills.

Situational awareness is one of the key skills to have when working as a bodyguard. You will need to scan the area prior to and during the time the client will be in the area. You are responsible for ensuring there are no potential or active threats present. Being able to make good decisions is also crucial to the position. While on the job, not only do you have to keep an eye on your client but also on the surrounding environment simultaneously. Failure to do so may lead to the client being more susceptible to a serious incident. There may also be times where you have to make swift and responsible decisions on the spot, possibly to deal with a disruptive person or another threat to the client. Often, you will have to make these decisions alone and without a colleague at your side. If you possess these skills, this can end up being a very rewarding career path where you can take full advantage of your skills and abilities.

Training in defensive tactics and counter surveillance are also skills that are important for a bodyguard. You need to be able to recognize if your client is being followed or targeted by someone. Advanced training in evasive driving maneuvers is an asset. You may be responsible for transporting a client from one location to another.

As for licensing and requirements, you can become a bodyguard in Alberta as long as you possess a secondary school diploma, have taken the ABST course and in turn, have an Alberta Security Licence. Upon receiving a job offer, you may need to provide a Criminal Background Check. Having First Aid and CPR Certification can be both beneficial in the job selection process and while on the job as these skills could come in handy when least expected to save a life.

The median wage for a bodyguard in Alberta is $19.00/hour on the Government Of Canada Job Bank. The low is listed as $16.00 and the high is $26.50 per hour. Working in this position can make it easier to jump to other security positions in Alberta to explore your niche and work up the career ladder.

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