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 August 31, 2023    Alberta Security Hub Staff

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The ability to obtain a security licence in Alberta with a criminal history boils down to one's convictions and the severity of them

Below are a few serious convictions that hinder one's chances of being granted a security licence:

It's worth noting that if you have any serious criminal convictions on record from the last five years, it is unlikely you will be approved for a security licence. One of the three types of checks - A Vulnerable Sector Check - specifically shows the Registrar all previous offences listed in Schedule 2 of the Canadian Criminal Records Act, even if a pardon was granted. The Registrar may deny your application if they consider the conviction to be very serious. It is also worth noting that one must take a criminal background check every two years to keep their licence. Crimes committed after receiving your licence, be it minor or major crimes, can hinder your chances of receiving clearance on your next background check and keeping your licence. Timeframes for getting your criminal record processed can also be affected if a crime is found on record. In the case of a crime being found, you would approximately be looking at a 120 business day wait, compared to 3 business days or less if no crime is found.

Keep in mind it is ultimately up to Security Programs to determine whether you are eligible for a licence. Training entities such as Alberta Security Hub would not determine if you can obtain your licence.

Still unsure whether you will be able to apply for a licence with an offence? Reach out to Security Programs directly:

You can start going through our Ministry Accredited online ABST course prior to completing your Criminal Records Check. We have the provincial exam included as well.

To find out where you can get your Criminal Record Check and to learn about the three mandatory types of checks for obtaining a licence: Click Here


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