Can I do the Security Exam Online in Alberta?

 February 19, 2022    Alberta Security Hub Staff

Yes, Alberta Justice has approved certain proctors to deliver the security guard exam online. Individuals would need to have a webcam, microphone and reliable internet connection. They must also agree to be monitored the entire time while they complete their test.

Your test session would usually be recorded. This is so if you are suspected of cheating the recording would be sent to the Ministry to review. For example, if you are continuously looking to one side of the screen the proctor may end your test. In that case, you would have to wait for the Ministry to complete their review to determine if you are eligible for a rewrite. In some cases the Ministry may ask the re-test be completed in-person. Keep in mind you must score at least 80% to pass the ABST provincial exam.

The Security Programs Policy manual says in Section 9.6.1: "Any individual caught cheating on a provincial examination will be ineligible for licensing under the Security Services and Investigators Act." It further states: "Request to review the decision to expel and prohibit licensing must be forwarded to the Registrar in writing and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Registrar’s decisions will be final."

The proctor would usually provide a warning first before expelling you from the exam.

Those enrolled in our course have one online test attempt included in the price. This means you can write the exam from your home or a friend's as long as there are no distractions where you write.

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