Can I Become A Guard With No Security Experience In Alberta?

 February 2, 2024    Alberta Security Hub Staff

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When searching for a career in security, one may come across positions that require a few years of experience in the field to be selected as a candidate. Fortunately, this does not necessarily hinder your chances of becoming a security guard if you don't possess sector-specific experience.

Since prior experience in the security field is not required to take the ABST Course and Apply For A Security Licence, it is crucial to not only do thorough job searching but also to network with others in the field, which can make it easier to get hired. This could be through local events related to the security industry or by utilizing online services such as LinkedIn. Joining Alberta security guard-related online social media groups and forums can provide insightful tips and information about upcoming opportunities and job fairs.

Keep in mind that there are a handful of positions that look for customer service experience rather than just experience in security. This can be an opportunity to spruce up your resume and CV and orient it to showcase your customer service and interpersonal skills, mentioning only the most relevant experiences related to the position you are applying to if possible. This is an important skill guard employers look for since your position may involve frequent interaction with civilians. Click Here to discover the various skills security employers look for and how to stand out from other applicants.

Security guard jobs that have little to no requirements for prior security experience will typically land you in entry-level positions where you can work your way up the career ladder. Entry-level positions typically involve de-escalation as well as observing and reporting. If you find yourself in a situation on the job, you will attempt to de-escalate and report the issue which is then usually resolved by a supervisor or the police. Visit our Blog Page to explore our Career Focus series that showcases various secuirty-related positions in-depth.

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