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 November 30, 2023    Alberta Security Hub Staff

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An individual who wishes to become a security guard in Alberta can be exempt from having to take the ABST course if they have taken security training in Ontario, as it is considered an equivalency exception to an Alberta licence. If you have not yet received your Ontario security licence, you must also show proof you have passed the Ontario Ministry test. It is a 60 multiple choice question test and you must get at least 62% to pass. If you are in Ontario and need to get the security licence check out Ontario Security Hub for the required training.

In certain cases, one may be required by the Ministry to take the security exam in Alberta to show they possess the required knowledge for the job. Regardless of whether or not one is required to write the exam in Alberta, it is advisable to take the ABST Course to refresh one's knowledge on security training especially if it has been a while since getting your licence in Ontario. This ensures your best performance while serving in the Alberta workforce.

It's worth noting that security training in BC, Saskatchewan or Manitoba has the same equivalency exception in Alberta, just as Ontario does. The Alberta government also considers a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree in security, law enforcement or corrections, as well as basic training for Canadian police, military police, or peace officers as equivalency. Contact security services to learn more about exceptions with a post-secondary document Here.

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